Orange Technique Edit

  • Pin attackers right hand to your chest with your left hand while stepping forward (riding the force) to 11:00 into a right Neutral Bow (checking attackers right leg with your right leg) while doing a right Heel Palm to attackers chin.
  • Crane attackers pushing hand down with your right hand to draw them toward you (cancelling their height) and continue down with your right hand to your waist.
  • Do a right Inward Elbow to attackers solar plexus allowing your arm to continue around the left side of your body (full extension) and Push Drag into a right Side Elbow to attackers ribs, allowing this strike to pass through into a right Back Knuckle to ribs, followed by an Uppercut to their chin.

Considerations for First Brown Belt Edit

Name Triggered Salute
Belt Orange
Family Grouping: Push
Attacker's Position: Front
Use Against: defense against a right hand direct push
Is part of:
Base Techniques: