Orange Technique Edit

  • Step back (to 6 o'clock) with your left foot when your opponent grabs your lapel with his left hand. Simultaneously pin his left hand to your chest with your left hand chambering you're right hand.
  • Torque into a right Neutral Bow, do a right Upward Block under attackers left arm to hyperextend or break their elbow.
  • Circle your right hand down, out and up, into an inward/downward Hammerfist onto attackers forearm. Make sure that your opponent's left arm is driven down and diagonally to your left.
  • Finish with a right inverted Outward Hand Sword to attackers throat and return to fighting position. Stance throughout is still a right neutral bow. Cock your left hand at your solar plexus, ready to check when needed.

Considerations for First Brown BeltEdit

Name Lone Kimono
Belt Orange
Family Grouping: Grab
Attacker's Position: Front
Use Against: defense against left hand lapel grab
Is part of:
Base Techniques: