Yellow Belt Technique Edit

  • Push Drag back to 3:00 into a left Cat Stance while doing a right Inward Parry and left Outward Block. Right hand circles down from parry to check low. Control attacker's weapon with your left hand, above his wrist.
  • Execute a left snapping ball kick to attacker's groin landing in a left Front Twist stance.
  • Do a right Side Kick to attackers right knee. As you land from the kick, pull with your left hand while doing a right Back Knuckle to attackers face.
  • Track down attacker's right arm towards the club to release his grip and gain control of the weapon.
  • (optional) while retreating execute a back hand strike with the club.
Name Checking the Storm
Belt Yellow
Family Grouping: Stick Attack
Attacker's Position: Front
Use Against: right step-through overhead club
Is part of:
Base Techniques: Push Drag, Cat Stance, Inward Parry, Outward Block, Double Factor