Third Degree Brown Belt PledgeEdit

I pledge that as my skill as a teacher progresses I will never condemn, ridicule, embarrass, or shame any student or fellow instructor in the presence of a class or group. All grievances or disputes shall be conducted in a private away from group observation.


  1. Obscure Claw (Right flank -- left hand shoulder grab)
  2. Encounter with Danger (Front -- two-hand push)
  3. Circling Destruction (Front -- left step-through punch)
  4. Detour from Doom (Front -- right roundhouse kick)
  5. Squatting Sacrifice (Rear -- bear hug, arms free)
  6. Escape from Death (Rear -- right-arm choke)
  7. Brushing the Storm (Right flank -- right overhead club)
  8. Menacing Twirl (Rear -- left hand belt grab)
  9. Leap from Danger (Rear -- two-hand push)
  10. Circles of Protection (Front -- right step-through overhead punch)
  11. Circle of Doom (Front -- right straight kick)
  12. Broken Gift (Handshake)
  13. Heavenly Ascent (Front -- two-hand choke, arms straight)
  14. Capturing the Storm (Front -- right overhead club)
  15. Conquering Shield (Front --left stiff-arm lapel grab)
  16. Taming the Mace (Front -- right step-through punch)
  17. Twirling Sacrifice (Full nelson)
  18. Cross of Death (Front -- two-hand cross choke)

Long Form 3
Blocking Set 2
Stance Set 2